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TAG Team Groovers


Being a member of our TAG Team (Teacher Assistant Groover) is a chance for Groovers to step up and step into a leadership role. This is your chance to become an awesome role model for our younger Groovers. While being an Assistant Teacher is a huge responsibility, it is a responsibility that comes with great rewards. Whether or not you choose a career in the dance industry, you will learn skills that will stick with you far beyond your time here at Grooves Unlimited and all assisting hours can be put towards community service hours for religious/school commitments, National Honor Society applications and college applications.


We are seeking dedicated Groovers who have a positive attitude, great listening skills, a willingness to cooperate and a love for the dance. TAG Team will be assigned weekly classes and the commitment is for the entirety of the season, September through June.



  • Ages 10+

  • Must be currently enrolled in next season’s classes prior to submitting application

  • Enrolled in both our Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop, Street Jazz, House, etc.) and Tap Programs (Tap, Body Percussion, etc.)

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