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Best of Both Worlds

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What does "Best of Both Worlds" mean?

At Grooves Unlimited, we offer the highest quality Tap and Hip-Hop education and understand that these two Street Dance styles have a shared past and continue to influence and affect the dancers of today. Tap and Hip-Hop are both art forms with African roots, and much of this influence is easily noted in the dance styles of today. Both Tap and Hip-Hop circle up and improvise - in Hip-Hop we call this a Cypher and in Tap we call this a Jam. Both styles of dance utilize footwork patterns, and are largely rhythmic and musical.


Why do we encourage our Groovers to get the "Best of Both Worlds?"

Not only do Tap and Hip-Hop share an origin, but the study of both styles can positively influence our Groovers. Tap classes will help to improve musicality and rhythms for Hip-Hop, while Hip-Hop allows Tap dancers to improve agility, loosen up and be more grounded. The strongest Tap Dancers know how to move and the strongest Hip-Hop dancers have amazing musicality.

Take your dance training to the next level 

and become a leader for all our Groovers by getting



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