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Dress Code


At Grooves Unlimited, we like to embrace a “no dress code” type of dress code. Why? Because Street Dance Culture is all about embracing the style of the individual! That being said, we do have a few requirements, so it’s time to gear up like a Groover with our dress code:


Groovers must abide by the dress code, and if not prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear, they will be asked to sit and observe class.



Groovers should wear athletic and moveable pants like sweatpants, leggings or yoga pants. For Tap classes, we ask that they cut above the ankle so we can see their footwork. For TLC, we strongly recommend leggings or yoga pants that are tight enough to show form. Jeans, Jeggings or Denim Shorts are not allowed.


Groovers should wear a shirt that is tight enough to show form.


Groovers are encouraged to wear their Grooves gear, including Grooves hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and company attire.


Hair must be pulled back with a hair tie and out of the face for all classes.


For the safety of your Groover, jewelry is not permitted with the exception of stud earrings (no hoops or dangling earrings). No bracelets or necklaces.

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SHOES (check your Groover's class below for their required shoes)

Mini Groovers: Sneakers


Little Groovers: Sneakers + Black Patent Tap Shoes (Girls) or Black Oxford Tap shoes (Boys)

(Little Groovers will be performing in Tap shoes for performances)


Elite Groovers I Groove 'N Shuffle: Sneakers + Black Patent Tap Shoes (Girls) or Black Oxford Tap shoes (Boys)


Hip-hop and Street Jazz: Sneakers


Body Percussion: Sneakers or Combat Boots


Tap II, III, IV and V: Black Single-sole oxford Tap shoes


TLC: Black Jazz shoes

Tap and Jazz shoes can be purchased from Everything Dance in Fairfield, NJ.

Mention Grooves Unlimited for a studio discount. They may also be ordered online on sites like Amazon, Target. and Walmart.


For any class that requires sneakers, Groovers are required to have a CLEAN pair of sneakers specifically designated for dance class. They cannot be worn in the parking lot, or at school. They must be for dance class only.


Black and White Converse sneakers will be required for the Mid-Season Showcase in January and Dance Concert in June. (Acceptable alternative brands from Amazon are: Airwalk, Dadawen and iFan.)


2022-2023 Grooves Parent Handbook.png
2022-2023 Grooves Parent Handbook.png
2022-2023 Grooves Parent Handbook.png
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