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Dress Rehearsal Information

Dress rehearsal is a mandatory opportunity for Groovers to do a mock-run of their Concert performance. Groovers will learn their entrances/exits and practice spacing for their dances. 

Dress Rehearsal takes place at Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio.

  • Label ALL items coming to the studio including: costume pieces, shoes, water bottles, and activities with first and last name. 

  • Arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time below.

  • Please be dressed in your first costume of the day, hair and makeup stage-ready.

DR 1.png
DR 2.png
DR 3.png
DR 4.png

Dress Rehearsal will run as closely as possible to the given schedule, but can run ahead or behind 15-20 minutes. Please plan accordingly.

Any Groover who does not attend Dress Rehearsal will not be permitted to perform in the Dance Concert.

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