Complete Choreography

Scroll down to find your Groover's class and all of the choreo they'll need for their Music Video!

Monday 4:00pm Elite Groovers

Monday 4:15pm Street Jazz

Monday 5:00pm Hip-Hop I

Monday 5:00pm Elite Groovers

Monday 6:00pm Street Jazz III

Monday 6:00pm Street Jazz II

Monday 7:00pm Urban Hip-Hop

Monday 8:00pm TL CII

Tuesday 3:30pm Mini Groovers

Tuesday 4:15 Hip-Hop I

Tuesday 4:15 Hip-Hop II

Tuesday 5:15 Body Percussion I

Tuesday 5:15pm Groove 'N Shuffle

Tuesday 6:00pm Teen Tap I

Tuesday 6:00pm Elite Groovers

Tuesday 7:00pm Hip-Hop III

Tuesday 8:00pm Hip-Hop Fusion

Wednesday 4:00pm Tap I/II

Wednesday 4:45pm Tap III

Wednesday 4:45pm Elite Groovers

Wednesday 5:45pm Hip-Hop FX

Wednesday 6:45pm Tap IV

Thursday 3:30pm Groove 'N Shuffle

Thursday 4:00pm Street Jazz I

Thursday 4:15pm Mini Groovers

Thursday 4:45pm Elite Groovers

Thursday 5:00pm Groove 'N Shuffle

Thursday 5:45pm Hip-Hop Dynamics

Thursday 6:45pm Hip-Hop II

Thursday 7:45pm House

Thursday 7:45pm TLC I

Saturday 9:30am Groove 'N Shuffle

Saturday 10:15am Mini Groovers

Saturday 11:00 Mini Groovers

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Grooves Unlimited is located on the border of Livingston and Roseland, New Jersey

near all major highways and across the hall from Sports Universe.

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