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Grooves Unlimited is located on the border of Livingston and Roseland, New Jersey near all major highways and across the hall from Sports Universe.

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Welcome to Grooves Unlimited


At Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio, we energize our Groovers to own their stage by igniting a passion for Hip-Hop, Tap Dance and all Street Dance culture. We dedicate ourselves to Street Dance styles by offering the highest quality Hip-Hop and Tap Dance training in the North Jersey area with non-competitive classes for all ages and levels in addition to pre-professional performance companies for those dancers seeking the next level in their dance education.

By being a part of the Grooves Unlimited Dance Family, your Groover will


BE EDUCATED and receive the highest quality Hip-Hop and Tap Dance training from the best of the best.


BE ENERGIZED and forever fueled by a love of dance.


BE EXCITED every time they step into the studio and have fun.

BE CONFIDENT and own their stage.

BE INSPIRED to carry forward the culture of these amazing American art forms for years to come.


Ages 3 - 10

Mini/Little/Elite Groovers

Mini Groovers, Little Groovers and Elite Groovers are Hip-Hop dance programs for children to move and groove under the direction of trained teachers who specialize in our own unique style of Hip-Hop. Motor skills, flexibility, core strength, dance basics, and listening skills will be strengthened with a focus on dance basics and flexibility as they learn to shine like the stars they are. (Ages 3-10)

Ages 5-7

Groove 'N Shuffle

See your child Groove and Shuffle as they learn basic beginner tap steps and hip-hop movements with a focus on rhythm and dance vocabulary. This combination class lays a strong foundation of the basic techniques that will have your Groover progressing to the next level.

Why not get the Best of Both Worlds? (Ages 5-7)

Ages 7+

Street Jazz

Groovers learn sassy, high intensity, commercial style choreography as they combine both Jazz and Hip-Hop technique with today's hottest music. 

Ages 7+


One of our most popular classes, Groovers develop their coordination, rhythmic understanding and musicality in an upbeat and supportive environment. Groovers learn the technique and history of Rhythm Tap, with emphasis on musicality through warm-ups, time-steps, historical choreography, original choreography, and improvisation. Tap dance, an American art form and a part of the Jazz music tradition, has a technique and history that our Groovers develop a passion for. (Ages 7+)

Tap Improvisation

Ages 8+

Using the vocabulary learned in their Tap technique classes, Tap Improvisation class is where our Groovers circle up and jam to own their stage on the spot by creating their own rhythms and patterns with no previous preparation or choreography.

Ages 8+

Body Percussion

Ever seen STOMP? Now is your chance to learn how they do it!  Using the whole body to make music, Groovers will stomp their feet, clap their hands, pat their thighs, and snap their fingers to create a spectacular music and dance ensemble using the original instrument of the world, the human body. (Ages 8+)

Ages 10+


Known for our fun, cutting edge Hip-Hop classes, dancers hone their coordination and musicality to today’s new school music as they warm up with isolations/cardio exercises and focus on building their strength and stamina. Groovers learn fast paced, high energy and complex movement combinations in their choreography. With roots in Popping, Locking, Breaking and House, this class hosts an electrifying fusion of Old School and New School that our dancers can’t get enough of. (Ages 10+)

TLC (Turns/Leaps/Conditioning)

Ages 10+

TLC (Turns/Leaps/Conditioning) lays a strong technical foundation for Groovers to properly execute turns and leaps through exercises that focus on strength, flexibility, and conditioning. 


Ages 10+

House Dance is a funky style with deep, tribal rhythms, that involves a lot of footwork and allows dancers to explore their freedom of expression through sequences and improvisation. Great for beginners, this class is an aerobic challenge where Groovers will learn basic house steps like skating, jacking, and shuffle steps.


We know families are busy and we like to keep things simple. Our super simple inclusive tuition makes family budgeting easy throughout the year by keeping tuition consistent from month to month. 

No surprise costs, ever! 

What's included? Your Groover’s learning sessions, costumes, participation in our annual dance concert, video of your Groover’s performances, Grooves t-shirt, welcome gift, and other fun events throughout the season like our Hip-Hop Cyphers, Tap Jams, Holiday Party, and Glow Party!

What’s NOT included? Master classes, dance footwear and recital tickets.


Ask us about our Full- Season and Family-Plan Discounts!


2019-2020 Inclusive Class Rates

Junior Groovers:
Mini Groovers, Little Groovers, Groove ‘N Shuffle


1 weekly class: $85/mo
2 weekly classes: $150/mo

Ultimate Groovers
Elite Groovers, Tap, Body Percussion, 
Street Jazz, Hip-Hop and TLC

2 weekly classes: $160/mo
3 weekly classes: $238/mo
4 weekly classes: $299/mo
Each additional weekly class is +$15/mo

New Groover HAPPINESS Guarantee

If after attending all classes within the first 30 days of your first class date, you are not completely satisfied with your experience at Grooves, we will offer you a refund on any prepaid tuition. Your request must be received via email no more than 30 days from your first class date. Should your Groover not attend all classes within that 30 day period, you will not be eligible for a refund. Registration Fees are non-refundable. Our Happiness Guarantee is only applicable to New Groovers attending their first-ever dance class at Grooves.


Annual Dance Concert

Our 10-month season (September through June) culminates with our end of year, BREATHTAKING, dance concert.

Why is taking the stage so important? 

Taking the stage gives our Groovers something to work towards and helps to build their confidence and promote teamwork. Every year our Groovers eagerly look forward to taking the stage in June in celebration of their season of hard work. This performance is the payoff of spending weeks and hours in the studio doing something that they love, and it's their opportunity to share their growth and confidence with their friends and family. 


Grooves Unlimited is proud to offer pre-professional training for Groovers looking for the next level in their dance education. 


We are home to three resident, non-competitive companies run by our directors: 


FutureSTEP Tap Company and apprentice company, NextSTEP are under the direction of Ms. Hillary. 


The UNLIMITED Hip-Hop Dance Crew is under the direction of Ms. Shani.


Acceptance is by audition only and dancers perform throughout the tri-state at dance festivals, theaters, basketball games and other special local events.