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Since 2012

Located on the border of Livingston and Roseland, New Jersey

Voted the #1 Dance Studio in Livingston
in 2021 & 2022



At Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio, we go above and beyond to help kids ages 3-17 build the type of confidence that shines in and out of the dance studio by igniting their passion for Hip-Hop, Tap Dance and all Street Dance Culture. 

We offer non-competitive classes for children and teens at all levels in addition to pre-professional performance companies for those dancers seeking the next level in their dance education. 

By being a part of the Grooves Unlimited Dance Family, your Groover will build the type of confidence that shines in and out of the dance studio. 


The Ultimate Groover's Journey

Mini Groovers

Ages 3-5

Mini Groovers is a Hip-Hop dance program for children to get moving and grooving. Motor skills and listening skills are strengthened as they learn the ins and outs of taking a weekly dance class. Our Mini Groovers are energized by their love of movement and excitement for music, dancing, and making new friends.

Little Groovers

Ages 5-7

Watch your Little Groover groove and shuffle while learning basic beginner Tap steps and Hip-Hop movements with a focus on rhythm and dance vocabulary. This combination class will ignite your Little Groover's passion for both Hip-Hop and Tap Dance while offering a strong foundation of the basic techniques that will have your Groover progressing to the next level.

Elite Groovers

Ages 7-10

Elite Groovers I harness their energy towards strengthening their motor skills, flexibility, core strength, and dance basics as we educate them on the 5 Elements of Hip-Hop and the 5 Fundamentals of Tap. Elite Groovers II expand their Hip-Hop and Tap training with Street Jazz and Body Percussion. Elite Groovers share their excitement for moving and grooving as they participate in Master Classes, Hip-Hop Cyphers and Tap Jams. They also have the additional opportunity to own their stage by auditioning for LIMITLESS, our entry-level Hip-Hop Dance Company.

Ages 10+

X-treme Groovers

After a couple seasons of training in Elite Groovers II, 

X-Treme Groovers have the opportunity to become role models by joining our Junior TAG Team (Teacher's Assistant Groovers) and to continue to build their confidence with additional opportunities to own their stage in The UNLIMITED Hip-Hop Dance Crew Division I and NextSTEP Tap Company. Energized by their love for Street Dance culture, X-Treme Groovers add TLC and Improv to their weekly class schedule.

Ages 13+

Supreme Groovers

Supreme Groovers continue to hone their craft with new and exciting experiences, including opportunities to audition for our pre-professional companies, The UNLIMITED Hip-Hop Dance Crew Division II and FutureSTEP Tap Company, as well as specialty dance concert pieces. By becoming a member of our Senior TAG Team, Supreme Groovers earn community service hours as they learn leadership skills and the importance of becoming a positive role model for their peers and all of our Groovers.


We know families are busy and we like to keep things simple. Our super simple inclusive tuition makes family budgeting easy throughout the year by keeping tuition consistent from month to month. 

No surprise costs, ever! 

What's included? Your Groover’s learning sessions, costumes, participation in our annual dance performance, video of your Groover’s performances, welcome gift, and other fun events throughout the season like our Hip-Hop Cyphers, Tap Jams, Fall Festival, Spring Festival, and more!

What’s NOT included? Masterclasses, dance footwear, and dance concert tickets.

Enrollment Fee: A $30 Annual Family Enrollment Fee is due at the time of enrollment

Super Simple Scheduling allows every family to design a schedule that works best for them!

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Mini and Little Groovers

ages 3-7

1 weekly class
2 weekly classes
3 weekly classes
2 weekly class
(or 1 weekly Elite Groovers Groove 'N Shuffle class)

3 weekly classes

4 weekly classes
(or 2 weekly Elite Groovers Groove 'N Shuffle classes)


every additional class is $26


Plus our Gold Zone Swag Bag

Elite, X-treme, & Supreme Groovers

Elite, X-treme & Supreme Groovers ages 7-18 start with 90 minutes of dance instruction and build their schedule up from there!

New Groover HAPPINESS Guarantee

If after attending 3 out of 4 classes per class day/time of your first class date, you are not completely satisfied with your experience at Grooves, we will offer you a refund on any prepaid tuition. Our Happiness Guarantee is only applicable to New Groovers attending their first-ever dance class at Grooves.



Annual Dance Concert

Our 10-month season (September through June) culminates with our end of year, BREATHTAKING, dance concert.

Taking the stage gives your Groover something to work towards and helps to build their confidence and promote teamwork. Every year our Groovers eagerly look forward to taking the stage in June in celebration of their season of hard work. This performance is the payoff of spending weeks and hours in the studio doing something that they love, and it's their opportunity to share their growth and confidence with their friends and family. 


Grooves Unlimited is proud to offer pre-professional training for Groovers looking for the next level in their dance education. 

Acceptance is by audition only and dancers perform throughout the tri-state at dance festivals, theaters, basketball games and other special local events.







Since 2012

At Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio, we energize our Groovers to own their stage by igniting a passion for Hip-Hop, Tap Dance and all Street Dance Culture.

355 Eisenhower Parkway - Suite 100 | Livingston, NJ 07039 | (973) 878-2836


We are a Team of authentic artists who eat, breathe and sleep Hip-Hop and Tap Dance. We believe that Hip-Hop and Tap Dance are two of the most beautiful contributions that America has offered the international dance community and that the continued authenticity of these art forms is dependent on passionate and knowledgeable teachers passing down the technique, history and culture to eager dancers. We believe that taking the stage provides dancers with the best opportunities to hone their craft and give back to their community, and we love helping our Groovers build the confidence they need to own their stage, the type of confidence that shines both in and out of the studio.

Our Team of 7 are united in our passion for dance education and Street Dance culture, serving 250 Groovers on a weekly basis. After opening our doors in Cedar Groove, NJ in 2012 and moving to Livingston, NJ in 2013, our Dance Family grew dramatically from 2016 to 2018 and Grooves Unlimited became the go-to studio for Hip-Hop and Tap Dance training in the area. We dedicate ourselves to Street Dance styles by offering the highest quality Hip-Hop and Tap Dance training in the North Jersey area with non-competitive classes for all ages and levels in addition to pre-professional performance companies for those dancers seeking the next level in their dance education.

We are proudly the only dance studio in the U.S. to focus solely on Hip-Hop and Tap with fully developed programs dedicated to the technique, history and culture of these art forms.