Own Your Stage

At Grooves Unlimited, we energize our Groovers to own their stage by igniting a passion for Hip-Hop, Tap Dance and all Street Dance Culture. 

Our 10-month season (Sept-June) culminates with our end of year, BREATHTAKING, dance concert. 


Taking the stages gives our Groovers something to work towards and helps to build their confidence and promote teamwork. Every year our Groovers eagerly look forward to taking the stage in June in celebration of their season of hard work. This performance is the payoff of spending weeks and hours in the studio doing something that they love, and it’s their opportunity to share their growth and confidence with their friends and family. 

355 Eisenhower Parkway - Suite 100 | Livingston, NJ 07039

Office@GroovesUnlimitedDanceStudio.com | (973) 878-2836

Grooves Unlimited is located on the border of Livingston and Roseland, New Jersey

near all major highways and across the hall from Sports Universe.

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