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Groover Practice Videos

Monday 4:00pm Little Groovers Groove 'N Shuffle

Monday 4:45pm Elite Groovers I Hip-Hop

Monday 5:30pm Elite Groovers I Tap

Monday 4:45pm Tap II

Monday 5:30pm Elite Groovers II Hip-Hop

Tuesday 3:30pm Mini Groovers

Wednesday 4:00pm Mini Groovers

Thursday 4:00pm Elite Groovers I Hip-Hop

Thursday 4:00pm Tap II

Thursday 4:45pm Elite Groovers I Tap

Thursday 5:30pm Little Groovers Groove 'N Shuffle

Saturday 9:30am Mini Groovers

Saturday 10:15am Mini Groovers

Saturday 11:00am Little Groovers Groove 'N Shuffle

Saturday 11:45am Elite Groovers I Tap

Saturday 12:30pm Elite Groovers I Hip-Hop

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