Our Safe Studio Strategies


To be most honest, the last year has been hard...

All the "new normals" and changing expectations, worrying about family and friends, taking on new roles of homeschool teachers, sanitizer patrol and toilet paper police... it's been exhausting and stressful.

We're ready to move forward. That's why Team Grooves has been hard at work developing our Safe Studio Strategy to welcome our Groovers back to the studio ready to move and groove!

Copy of Covid-19 Stay Safe Plan (2).jpg

You'll also see the following posters in the studio as visual reminders for our Groovers!

Copy of Covid-19 Stay Safe Plan (1).jpg

Hybrid Class Option:

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Our Groovers will join us in-person in the studio, however, our Zoom rooms will remain open for any Groover who should need to utilize them throughout the season due to quarantine or illness.

You just need a device with an internet connection and camera (and smart TV if you wish!) and enough space to stretch your arms out from side to side.


So push back your coffee table, grab your water bottle, set up your tablet and Zoom into class right alongside your friends in the studio!