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2023-2024 Season CALENDAR

September 10th 2023
TAG Team Meeting

September 11th 2023

First Day of Classes

September 16th 2023
CLOSED for Rosh Hashanah

September 25th 2023
CLOSED for Yom Kippur

September 25th - September 30th 2023
Swap Zone

October 2nd - 7th 2023
Bring a Friend Week

October 16th - 21st 2023
Family Watch Week

October 31st 2023
CLOSED for Halloween

November 9th - 11th 2023
CLOSED for NJ Teacher's Convention

November 13th - 18th 2023
Family Watch Week

November 20th - 26th 2023
CLOSED for Thanksgiving

November 27th - December 2nd 2023
Swap Zone

December 18th 2023 - January 1st 2024
CLOSED for Holiday Break

Tuesday, January 2nd 2024
Classes resume

Monday, January 15th 2024

January 29th - February 3rd 2024

Mid-Season Showcase

January 29th - 31st 2024
Final Swap Zone

February 1st 2024
Final Persistence Period Begins
No more drops / swaps allowed

February 19th - 25th 2024
CLOSED for Mid-Winter Break

March 11th - 16th 2024
Family Watch Week

March 30th - April 5th 2024
CLOSED for Spring Break

April 17th 2024
Golden Groover Concert Tickets Go On Sale

April 19th 2024
General Concert Tickets Go On Sale

April 21st 2024
Spring Thing Festival

April 28th - May 4th 2024
Family Watch Week

May 20th 2024
Next Season Enrollment Opens)

May 21st - 27th 2024
CLOSED for Memorial Day Week(end)

June 1st 2024
Public Enrollment Opens

June 3rd - 8th 2024
Dress Rehearsal

June 9th 2024
Dance Concert

June 12th 2024
Company Acceptances Due

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