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Concert Ticket Information

General Ticket Sales open
Friday, April 19th
at 10:00am
General Ticket Sales close
Friday, June 7th
at 9:00pm
Golden Ticket Sales open
Wednesday, April 17th
at 10:00am
Golden Ticket Sales close
Thursday, April 18th
at 10:00am

To see what show(s) your Groover is in, click below:

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Common Ticket Questions

How much are tickets?
General tickets are $27 each.

My Groover is in more than 1 show. Do I need a ticket for each?
Because the theater is assigned seating and will be cleared out between shows, you'll need tickets for each show that you and your guests plan to attend.  Groovers appearing in 2 shows are eligible to purchase Golden Tickets, gaining you access to the same seat at every show. Please check your email for your special access.

Does my toddler need a ticket?
As the theater is assigned seating, anyone occupying a seat must purchase a ticket. Babies and toddlers who will sit on an adult's lap
do not need a ticket as long as they are not blocking a view.

Can I purchase tickets at the door on the day of the concert?
There will be no tickets available to purchase at the door. Ticket sales end Friday, June 7th at 9:00pm. Please plan accordingly as no accommodations will be made.

Where do I pick up my ticket?
Tickets are digital and will be delivered straight to your device to present at the show! No physical ticket needed.

How many tickets can I purchase?
You may purchase as many tickets as you need for friends and family to see your Groover own the stage. We recommend purchasing early!!

Still Have Questions?

How to Order Concert Tickets.png

If you have ticketing system questions, please call the ticketing company at 706-550-1416.

If you have dance concert specific questions, please click here to visit the Concert Hub.

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